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Here to serve others, and Grow along.
Full time Real Estate Investor, and mentor from Miami area. Part of the 10x Movement and Active member of Growth Mastermind Group. I love working with likeminded individuals that are looking to grow and share their strengths.

Good Afternoon Honorable Group! I would like to ...

 ... learn about each of you ... and find out how i can serve you better... Working together  towards a prosperous growth and amazing business relationship.
   I am sure we are all conscious that in order for us to group we need to be surrounded by amazing individuals. No Empire was built by one person!!!!

  And just for more efficient start my name is Peter.  Ex Car dealer :-) and with a Mechanic certificate !!!!! Currently  I am a full time real estate investor and RE appraiser. Part of large Real Estate Business Education (over 50 communities' all over us) that helps entrepreneurs and real estate people to work on an optimal/ efficient and productive level. I am also personally involved in Real estate investment start up and mentoring. My passion is to help others in achieving their dreams (it's a unique feeling to bring joy and help others in getting together and growing as a human first and as well entrepreneur.  And one step farther  I decide to create a community of entrepreneurs  that are looking to GROW and SUCCEED with their LIFE and BUSINESS...  So we can all share successes and "failures as well" (best way to learn is from other failures!) ; as well sharing skills , education and even more important to create long lasting business connections . This been said, we are looking for Guests/ Speakers/ Success Stories to be part our Weekly Zoom Calls 

  My Skills : Goals Setting,  Time Management, Solution Oriented Guy and i ask questions that will make you think.

   Real estate is what I breathe (both commercial and residential). IF you need help, advice, mentoring or partner up I am always open.

  Thank you for the Patience to Read it all... You are already a winner !!!! :) 
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