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Jeff Daniel

"Not the actor" work and play..have fun or stop doing it! 40 years experience in mainly fixed ops, prior Master certified with GM, Ford and Kia. Currently master certified with Subaru, Vw, Audi, Volvo, Hyundai and Genesis. #neverstoplearning

Technician recruitment

Not to beat a dead horse but all stores need technicians, recruitment ideas, out of the box thinking, pay plans etc etc. Especially entry level to grow your own instead of stealing from your locals. All the best marketing and "stuff" to run a dealership wont matter if we cant recruit on a larger scale. Maybe develop a recruitment team to brainstorm ideas, reach out to colleges etc etc, include OEM's and our tool folks. Thoughts?
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Intro update

Since I don't have a cool 😎 profile pic of me I posted the "Daniel" door which is on the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor....
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Jeff Daniel....(not the actor)
I started in the "car" business very early in life, grew up in and around cars. Started my professional career in the glorious position of "tire buster" at a Goodyear store. Spent 17 years with them becoming the 2nd youngest store manager (out of 7,700 stores) at the time. We parted ways and I started in the dealership side of things as a service manager in a mid volume GM dealer. Worked up to becoming a minority owner..before the crash in 08. I the accepted a position as a fixed ops director at a very large, and very underperforming Ford store and rocked it. 
Currently service director at Maple Hill Auto group, we feature Subaru,Audi,VW,Hyundai,Genesis and Volvo. 
I've spent 11 years on our local college automotive advisory board, multi year member of Hyundai's performance Group that works directly with HMA corporate for improving processes at a dealership level.
Catch phrase "come on down"
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