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Lay down the questions and let's use the power of the mastermind to solve them!
Not to beat a dead horse but all stores need technicians, recruitment ideas, out of the box thinking, pay plans etc etc. Especially entry level to grow your own instead of stealing from your locals. All the best marketing and "stuff" to run a dealership wont matter if we cant recruit on a larger scale. Maybe develop a recruitment team to brainstorm ideas, reach out to colleges etc etc, include OEM's and our tool folks. Thoughts?
We have two plans going at the moment. We started with a long term plan to grow our own. We hired several recent grads from Universal Technical Institute and started them as lube techs. So far we have moved two of them to apprentice under a master tech and a third is almost ready to go. I pitched a plan for the short term to hire a recruiter. Just waiting for the owner to sign off on it.Β 
Start asap on making your Technicians an equal part of your team. Buila a culture where they feel valued is a sure way for them to not only want to stay long term but help bring on qualified technicians when needed.
The last time I actually advertised for a technician was back in 2008 and I semi retired in 2017. That's 9 years of not having to advertise for anyone. Putting in lots of effort along with doing things that put your team first can and will reap your benefits. Lastly work with and support as many trade schools as possible to start building your bullpen for future growth.
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Jeff agreed and a good idea however you and I get it.Β 
Do you think someone can read something and all of a sudden be able to create a great culture and team, maybe πŸ€”
The bigger issue at Dealerships is if the light bulb did go off and the SM is able to change things there are still too many DP's and GM's that end up handcuffing them. We've all seen it. Let's hope it can happen.
Hello everybody!

Throwing this out there.Β 

Are there any classes, online courses, or any type of resources available for auto techs to improve their time management skills?

When I was a tech I developed my own techniques to improve my efficiency and quickly move through a large stack of ROs but is there anything formal out there?

I want to train my techs to be more effective with their time on a day to day basis.

Β Thank you for your help!Β 
And if none of that works, there’s always this β€œold school” method πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Communication between the techs seems to work best in my shop. Some seem to figure out the most efficient way to complete the repair after a few go-rounds. Then sharing the new technique with the gang. Iron sharpens iron. I'm pretty thankful all my guys work well together.

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Are there any shop effiecienies that your not currently doing ?
Parts could be delivering parts to the techs bays.Β 
Porters/Valets could bring in cars for techs to work on
Have a dedicated person (s) to keep the shop clean, etc.
If those 3 things above could save each tech 1 hour a day how much would that improve things?
Technicians and Advisors generate more Gross Profit then any other position in a dealership so why not give them as much support as possible.Β