Over 60,000 hours invested in the automotive industry!
I have been in the automotive service department for 32 years. I started in the shop as rookie technician, I wasn't a great technician. I moved to Service Advisor after about 4 years. I went into the dealership that had the best service reputation around and spoke with the owner about working for him. He eventually hired me, 3 months of calls later.

That was 1992 and from day 1 on the service desk I knew I had found my calling. I put everything I had into learning that craft and was rewarded with Ford's Top Gold Service Advisor award in 1993, a little over a year into it! I won that award 2 more years in a row until Ford cancelled the program.

32 years later that communication is much more with my team and others in the dealership. I turned to Linkedin to bring my message to a wider audience. I subscribe to the theory that if you have something valuable to share, you are doing a dis-service to others if you do not share it.

I have held these positions in the dealership: technician, advisor, assistant service manager, service manager, lane manager, service director, fixed operations director (7 store group) and service and parts director.

My mission is to leave the industry a little better than I found it!

The Fixed Ops Mastermind also has a paid weekly memebership. To join go to fixedopsmastermind.com

My career in Automotive spans over 35 years where I've held positions as a Prep Manager, Service Advisor, Service Manager/Director, Fixed Operations Director, and Corporate Fixed Operations Director.

I am currently the President/Owner of ASMC where I offer Automotive Service Manager Coaching.
I am also one of the Co-Founders of the Fixed Ops Roundtable with Ted Ings and am a regular contributor to Dave Foy's Fixed Ops Mastermind.

While I was the Service Manager for Universal City Nissan we were the #1 Nissan Service Department in the USA for 7 straight years. 
During my time overseeing Penske Toyota of Rancho Santa Margarita our Service Department was ranked #2 for CSI out of 76 dealerships for two straight years.

After running large volume operations successfully I was offered the opportunity to oversee the Service and Parts Operations for the 13 store DCH Auto Group and later on the 4 store Cummings Auto Group both in Southern California.

I was fortunate to be selected to be the Feature Cover Story for Dealer Fixed Operations Magazine in June 2008 and have also written articles for Automotive News Fixed Ops Journal, Car Dealer Insider, Fixed Ops Magazine, and AutoSuccess Magazine.

I'm grateful to be part of Dave Foy's Fixed Ops Mastermind and look forward to sharing my experience and helping out anyway that I can. Thank you !
Hello Mike! Great to see you here and we know each other from LinkedIn with our incredible mutual friend Gene Girdley!! Looking forward to seeing you here as well!
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Im Chris Sendelbach and Im a tire wholesaler in the Boston Metro area. Ive been in the auto industry for 15+ years and not leaving until Im kicked out!

I started my career doing front line sales for Ford on summer break from college and from there it was the itch that needed to be scratched. I later worked sales for Porsche/Audi before moving to the service side as a writer / assistant manager / store manager for Sears Auto Centers in the greater Boston area. After 9 years and 3 stores with Sears the writing was on the proverbial wall with that company and I found a new adventure in the Parts industry with Napa as a district manager. A short time later an old industry contact gave me a buzz to discuss an opportunity in wholesale tires and here I am today. 

Every day is a new opportunity for me to learn and I look forward to meeting many new people along the way. I am slowly working my way back to dealership life and the opportunities that first got me excited to be in this industry. I couldnt imagine being part of a more welcoming group of driven professionals as those here in the FOM community and I cherish every moment I get to learn from each and every one of you. Thank you in advance for all that you do and a special thanks to Dave for  all the hard work and time he has put in to this endeavor. Cheers!
Nobody gets out of our business alive...

Wow Chris!!! You're one driven guy where the rubber meets the road!! ;-)
Super excited to meet you here and wish you nothing but the best!
Jeff Daniel....(not the actor)
I started in the "car" business very early in life, grew up in and around cars. Started my professional career in the glorious position of "tire buster" at a Goodyear store. Spent 17 years with them becoming the 2nd youngest store manager (out of 7,700 stores) at the time. We parted ways and I started in the dealership side of things as a service manager in a mid volume GM dealer. Worked up to becoming a minority owner..before the crash in 08. I the accepted a position as a fixed ops director at a very large, and very underperforming Ford store and rocked it. 
Currently service director at Maple Hill Auto group, we feature Subaru,Audi,VW,Hyundai,Genesis and Volvo. 
I've spent 11 years on our local college automotive advisory board, multi year member of Hyundai's performance Group that works directly with HMA corporate for improving processes at a dealership level.
Catch phrase "come on down"
Fantastic Jeff!! Love your story and life!!! #KeepThePedalToTheFloor 
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Who is Paul Meijer

With nearly 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, Paul Meijer is a mastermind in the industry.

Mechanic to shop foreman, service manager to store manager, Paul learned the business from the ground up. He embraced customer service as his keystone to success early on. With “no job is complete until the customer is completely satisfied” as his mantra, Paul led his Midas shop to the top 15% nationally. 

Paul continued to grow his career in service and then in sales, where he held high rankings as a sales professional and led Internet sales departments.

Today, Paul is a highly respected automotive industry advisor and trainer and speaker. He is an avid contributor on Linkedin and hosts a Linkedin Live weekly show where he shares tips and best practices with industry professionals and a Founding Member of Ted Ings' Fixed Ops Roundtable and Dave Foys' Fixed Ops Mastermind.

This is where it all began...

And... After sending in my DNA, came to the discovery that I'm not really Dutch at all!

Hello everyone. I'm grateful to be invited to the group. I've been passionate about the automobile industry most all of my life. I owned a Auto Wash and Fast Lube biz for several years and had most of the dealership work in our town. There was no real money in it, but we did great work and people found their new dream car. I also do restoration and customization work and in 2005 I bought a Scion XB. Within a matter of months I had one of the best in the south east and was brought in by SE Toyota to tour with my vehicle to dealerships and show the vehicle. I have been a pastor for over 30 years now, entrepreneur and owner of several businesses. I get to be a coach and consultant and help others to overcome life obstacles, achieve their #1 goal and live lives of abundance. I've had some difficult times in my life and I understand how things can be in the hustle and bustle of your lives in the auto industry especially in times like this. If anyone ever needs to chat, I'm just a text away! 
From hitting the rock bottom of drugs, divorce, bankruptcy and even the death of an 18 month old daughter. To running the planning & marketing departments of some of corporate America’s finest companies to his own company helping driven entrepreneurs & coaches, scale their businesses, by crystalizing and monetizing their passions, and now hosting his podcast focused on Driven Dark Horse Entrepreneurs. Tracy Brinkmann, is a business coach, success coach & product creator that realizes life isn’t fair and participation awards do not feed your family (or your drive to succeed)… This Driven Dark Horse Entrepreneur is looking to share all that he has learned and is still learning about starting, restarting, kick starting and stepping up your entrepreneurial game all while not ignoring that amazing tool between your ears!

Tracy,  I can totally relate with you and we share many parallels. So glad to see you here and grateful for all you are and continue to be!
Hello everyone!

My name is Anthony Maciel. After high school, I decided to pursue a career as an automotive service technician. Having spent over ten years working as a technician, receiving master certification from ASE and FCA, I decided I wanted more. I enrolled in a business management degree program and turned my attention to transitioning out of the shop. After catching my service manager's eye, he asked me if I wanted to become his right-hand man when he took over the service department at Scott Robinson CDJR. Since then, I have been learning what it means to manage a department. Having an analytical mind, I enjoy developing new processes, brainstorming solutions to problems, finding ways to increase productivity, and finding or creating the data I need. I am always looking to learn and expand my knowledge. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. I look forward to participating in the community!
The backbone of the business are all the "right hand" men and women that help get it done!!
Welcome to the Fixed Ops Mastermind Anthony.
Since we're both in SoCal let me know if I can ever be of assistance.
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Since I don't have a cool 😎 profile pic of me I posted the "Daniel" door which is on the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor....
Love that brother!
 ... learn about each of you ... and find out how i can serve you better... Working together  towards a prosperous growth and amazing business relationship.
   I am sure we are all conscious that in order for us to group we need to be surrounded by amazing individuals. No Empire was built by one person!!!!

  And just for more efficient start my name is Peter.  Ex Car dealer :-) and with a Mechanic certificate !!!!! Currently  I am a full time real estate investor and RE appraiser. Part of large Real Estate Business Education (over 50 communities' all over us) that helps entrepreneurs and real estate people to work on an optimal/ efficient and productive level. I am also personally involved in Real estate investment start up and mentoring. My passion is to help others in achieving their dreams (it's a unique feeling to bring joy and help others in getting together and growing as a human first and as well entrepreneur.  And one step farther  I decide to create a community of entrepreneurs  that are looking to GROW and SUCCEED with their LIFE and BUSINESS...  So we can all share successes and "failures as well" (best way to learn is from other failures!) ; as well sharing skills , education and even more important to create long lasting business connections . This been said, we are looking for Guests/ Speakers/ Success Stories to be part our Weekly Zoom Calls 

  My Skills : Goals Setting,  Time Management, Solution Oriented Guy and i ask questions that will make you think.

   Real estate is what I breathe (both commercial and residential). IF you need help, advice, mentoring or partner up I am always open.

  Thank you for the Patience to Read it all... You are already a winner !!!! :)