Im Chris Sendelbach and Im a tire wholesaler in the Boston Metro area. Ive been in the auto industry for 15+ years and not leaving until Im kicked out!

I started my career doing front line sales for Ford on summer break from college and from there it was the itch that needed to be scratched. I later worked sales for Porsche/Audi before moving to the service side as a writer / assistant manager / store manager for Sears Auto Centers in the greater Boston area. After 9 years and 3 stores with Sears the writing was on the proverbial wall with that company and I found a new adventure in the Parts industry with Napa as a district manager. A short time later an old industry contact gave me a buzz to discuss an opportunity in wholesale tires and here I am today.ย 

Every day is a new opportunity for me to learn and I look forward to meeting many new people along the way. I am slowly working my way back to dealership life and the opportunities that first got me excited to be in this industry. I couldnt imagine being part of a more welcoming group of driven professionals as those here in the FOM community and I cherish every moment I get to learn from each and every one of you. Thank you in advance for all that you do and a special thanks to Dave for ย all the hard work and time he has put in to this endeavor. Cheers!
Wow Chris!!! You're one driven guy where the rubber meets the road!! ;-)
Super excited to meet you here and wish you nothing but the best!
Nobody gets out of our business alive...

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