Over 60,000 hours invested in the automotive industry!
I have been in the automotive service department for 32 years. I started in the shop as rookie technician, I wasn't a great technician. I moved to Service Advisor after about 4 years. I went into the dealership that had the best service reputation around and spoke with the owner about working for him. He eventually hired me, 3 months of calls later.

That was 1992 and from day 1 on the service desk I knew I had found my calling. I put everything I had into learning that craft and was rewarded with Ford's Top Gold Service Advisor award in 1993, a little over a year into it! I won that award 2 more years in a row until Ford cancelled the program.

32 years later that communication is much more with my team and others in the dealership. I turned to Linkedin to bring my message to a wider audience. I subscribe to the theory that if you have something valuable to share, you are doing a dis-service to others if you do not share it.

I have held these positions in the dealership: technician, advisor, assistant service manager, service manager, lane manager, service director, fixed operations director (7 store group) and service and parts director.

My mission is to leave the industry a little better than I found it!

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Hi Everyone.Β Dave FoyΒ thanks for inviting me to your community. I have only participated in one mastermind session but I hope to attend more. I run multiple networking and collaboration programs on my blog and fixed ops is one of our discussion groups. Love learning the back house business and seeing it evolve.Β 
I appreciate you, Dave. You are a tremendous help and provide next-level resources for those in need. F.O.M is amazing!! Great group of guys.
Dave, thank you for everything you do for Fixed Ops, you are greatly appreciated πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Thank you Mike!Β 
I believe it!!! You rock!!
Thank you Matt. This community is going to be strong!

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