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The Wednesday webinars will soon be available on demand. No more need to worry about making the actual 2 PM start time.ย 

I will keep you posted as we closer to launching that service.ย 
Great news Dave!!!! I know it's a lot of work, but it's work you're passionate about doing!! Thank you for sharing it with us!!
Wow what an information filled session with RevolutionParts leading the way for a more profitable fixed ops business.ย 
Sessions are found in the Mastermind Session Recordings space
Had a great time with the discussionsย 
Welcome to the community for the Fixed Ops Mastermind. We are grateful to have you here and look for to engaging with all of you!

If you would like to get the full benefit of the program please join the Weekly Leaders group. At only $39.95/month this is the best deal on the planet for pure fixed ops gold. If you are a Fixed Ops Director and would like to sign up ypour team it is only 199.99/month for each store up to 5. Enterprise pricing for larger groups.ย 

As a member of this community, if you join now you are gauranteed to never have a price increase and you will sport the ultra cool Founding Member badge you see some of the members with now.ย 

You will also recieve the new offer that will be coming out soonย  as part of the relaunch, this is just giving you a head start on the others!ย